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I've Tried Chiropractic Before...


Have you ever had a bad mechanic work on your car?


Have you ever had a bad plumber work on your house?


Have you ever had a GOOD time at the dentist?


Hopefully after those experiences you didn’t stop driving a car, using the bathroom, or brushing your teeth! The same is true for Chiropractic. Those people you had a bad experience with were simply that; a bad experience. They are in business because someone loves what they do even if you don’t, but it doesn’t mean you have no need for their benefits. 


Most Chiropractors practice differently than every other Chiropractor and that is a good thing. There are many different techniques because they work for someone, not necessarily for you at that moment. 


Remember that finding any doctor should have the same level of scrutiny as hiring a good mechanic. 


If you’ve tried Chiropractic in the past and have not had the most pleasurable experience, we would be honored to tailor a specific treatment protocol designed just for you. 

Anne T.

"Complete Confidence"

Rachel B.

"Dr. Mike has always pointed me in the right direction"

Caryne E.

"Felt much better after one adjustment!"

Dr. Kate N.

"A Doctor you can trust...unmatched"

Adriana C.

"Our baby's colic has fully resolved"

Dr. Rebecca

"Thorough and specific...highly recommended"

Judy F.

"I've been to a lot of Chiropractors and Dr. Michael Mongiello is the best!"

Dr. Allie R.

"Dr. Mongiello is INCREDIBLE!"

Debra S.

"I highly recommend Dr. Mongiello for excellent care"
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