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What Makes Us Different

As experts in our field, you can expect the highest quality of care for you and your loved ones.

Chiropractors only treat one condition: the subluxation.

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Your entire body is controlled through very thin, very delicate structures called nerves.


These nerves together make up your nervous system. The brain is the supercomputer that runs the whole operation. Your brain is in constant communication with the rest of your body. It not only sends commands to every cell in your body (like the muscles that move your fingers or your stomach to release acid to digest food for example) but it must also receive messages from all parts of the body to ensure proper monitoring. The purpose of this communication is a state of being called “homeostasis” or balance of all the internal and external environments acting on you.



The state of perfect homeostasis is the state of good health.

Subluxations in the body cause the messages traveling within our nervous system to get distorted. You can think of a subluxation as a bad connection on your cell phone. The brain and the body are still connected, but the messages are not heard clearly or sometimes not at all. This disruption in signal impedes the brain’s ability to maintain homeostasis, causing poor regulation of the body which can lead to disease states and ultimately affecting health. This is why patients of Chiropractic will often experience an improvement in something which has nothing to do with the reason they came in to be treated and which they didn’t even consider Chiropractic as a treatment option. 


Chiropractic literally means to be done with the hands.  

The doctor of Chiropractic takes care in the analysis of a patient’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems to find areas with altered biomechanics and subluxations and applies a gentle, specific force to the bone or soft tissue structure to restore normal control to the area.


This force can be delivered by a number of techniques, but the three common ways the doctors at Anchor Chiropractic deliver the adjustment is by an instrument called an “Activator”, by a piece of equipment which moves about ½ inch known as a “Drop Table”, or, most often, by the doctor’s hands alone. 


If you have been treated by a Chiropractor in the past, or during your care with us, you might realize you prefer one style over another. It’s important to communicate those preferences with our team so we can ensure we give you the individualized care you deserve.

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